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Merry Meet and Welcome to The Witches Gateway!

       Welcome To The Witches Gateway! TWC is a not for profit organization located in the Southeast for those all over the US and other Countries that are new or that have years of experience in Wicca/ Witchcraft. This group fosters the idea of spreading accurate information about what Wicca/ Witchcraft really is about. Although many members may be located in other areas we still work together via social networking and organized yearly events to build a stronger community of Wiccans/ Witches.

         Our group is actually not a new group. We where formerly known as Friends of MPOC, which stood for: Friends of Magickal Paths of Chattanooga, but over the years of that group being in activity the founder of the group came to the conclusion that this name really pushed away a lot of people. So after a bit of soul searching, and seeking the counsel of the Goddess, it was determined that major changes where needed to expand the outreach of the group. Although this group is somewhat based on the same ideas of MPOC it really isn't the same. Yes founded by the same Director, but many new ideas and ventures are yet to come to the group! To find out more about our group please check out our F.A.Q. page to learn! Please know that in order to access certain areas of the website you must be a member of this website, accounts are easy to set up, and yes you can even use your Facebook information to do so!
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